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Small Business Folks Don’t Understand the Value of “Likes” on FB

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Every Summer I plant raise heirloom tomatoes.  I “like” doing that.  This past Sunday, Landreth Seeds, the oldest seed company in the US (and a company I “like”) held a sale of their tomato plants. Since it was only an hour drive I went down and picked up some plants.

When I went to pay, the clerk handed me two pieces of paper and suggested I read them. The information was not relevant  to this post, except for the page marked “Friends of Landreth. On it they asked us to visit their page on Facebook and “like” them.

They had one great sentence in the request that I believe sums up the small business  impression of the value of being “liked” It read…”Though we cannot pretend to understand why, the number of ‘LIKES’ a commercial Facebook Page has is a very very important indicator of how good the company is. Please ‘LIKE’ our page.

I have talked with numerous small business folks regarding social media and many of them don’t understand what it is all about and where the value is. I don’t want to generalize, but often it appears  to me that, the older the company (and perhaps their management) the less they understand the process and the value.  They are often under the impression (as Landreth is) that “likes” are an indicator of goodness or value.. What they don’t seem to understand is the “social” part of social media. And so they ask…Why?

In my view “likes” are a kind of connection comment…..I enjoy doing business with this company or I love their products or…whatever. It is an indicator that they are willing to have a social interaction with your company, but the next step is up to the company being “liked” . The folk’s that “liked” you are really waiting for a next step in the process.

The next step can be an informational comment about the product or the industry. It may be an offer or a coupon response designed to engage the “liker” and to demonstrate that there was value in ‘liking” them. It should be the beginning of a continuing (2 way) conversation. If the next step does not take place, the liker will not be back to like you again. And so you will have lost an opportunity to have a social relationship that has value to both liker and likee…..

If you are a business leader and you are struggling with the value of social media, you may enjoy following Brian Solis ( . I believe he is one of the best thought leaders in this field today. He writes articulately and understands how all this stuff is supposed to provide value. His latest book “The End of Business as Usual” is a hard read, but if you read it, you will find the path to value in social media.

If I can be of assistance in simply helping you understand how social media can contribute to value and help in maximizing your sales revenue, please let me know.


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