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Dave Brock – The Personification of “Thoughtfulness”

As demands on our time continually increase, most of us are taking less time to be “thoughtful” and think things through.

Let me tell you about someone who has figured out how to remain “thoughtful”

I have been utilizing social media extensively for about a year and have found it a valuable medium to gain exposure, and to learn. I am active in LinkedIn and Twitter; and I dabble in Facebook and Google+.

As I began using these media, I found that there are a lot of folks out there with a lot of expertise. Sometimes the expertise is real and sometimes it is imagined. As I began sorting through the chatter and found folks who seemed to have real expertise, I started following them more closely and listening to what they had to say in their BLOGs and in responding to other’s questions.

I kept noticing this guy Dave Brock who popped up from time to time and his comments and BLOG posts always seemed to be  very “thoughtful” and well measured. He even answered questions that I had posted in the same thoughtful way and I began letting him know (in my responses to him) that I appreciated his thoughtfulness in thinking the question through and then answering in a well written response.

As I became more intrigued with him, I looked up his web site “Partner’s in EXCELLENCE” ( and found an almost staggering amount of services being offered and also that the company was truly global with offices around the world. The descriptions of the services were well written and again “thoughtful”. The client list will match those of the largest consulting organizations in the world. I think you would find solutions here that you might not find anywhere else.

From time to time I post testimonial BLOGs about folks who have impressed me and whom I have grown to admire for their expertise. So I decided to write one about David, however I had never met him except for exchanging comments on the web.

So I fired off an email asking him to send me some background information. He responded immediately, but suggested rather than send me a bunch of material; he thought it would be great to simply chat on the phone. He even offered up three potential times to talk and then said I have been hoping to meet you at some point and am so glad you reached out.

So here I am, thrilled and so appreciative of this guy running a world wide company and obviously very busy would take the time to connect with me personally.

When he and I talked earlier this week, he was everything I expected and more. As we talked he shared with me that it has always been his personal goal to provide “thoughtful” advice and guidance to his client’s, family and friends. I told him he had succeeded in reaching that goal because the word that I believed best described him was “thoughtful”.

I also asked him how he comes up with so many great (almost daily) BLOG posts ( ) and he told me they are often driven by some event that disturbed him (like an email addressed to “occupant”) or a comment he saw that was just flat out wrong.

I think you will find value in reading his posts and watching for his comments on the social media sites. And if you need help with any business issues, contact him to see if he can help.

So…..if you are ever looking for “thoughtful” advice and commentary from a terrific person, I highly recommend that you follow Dave Brock ( ) and listen to what he has to say. You will never be disappointed.

Thoughtfully yours,



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