Customer Intimacy – The Third Step to “Maximizing” Sales Revenue

Are you interested in “Maximizing” Your Sales Revenue?

If you are, the first thing to do is “optimize the sales force”. The second thing you need to do is create “alignment” between sales, marketing and customer service. Both of these were discussed in my two previous BLOGs. The third thing you need to do is take care of the customer.

In an interview with Charlie Rose recently ( ), Jeff Bezos (CEO of said that “our whole business effort is built around the customer experience”. They want their customers to know that they care about them, that they will treat them well and that they will fix any issues or misunderstandings that might happen now and long after the customer buys a product. They want to create an intimate and longstanding relationship.

You may not be as familiar with, but that same customer ethic is in place there. They have every brand and style and size of shoe you may want to buy and at reasonable prices. When they ship the shoes, they come with an automatic easy return process in the event you don’t like the shoes or they don’t fit and here is the best part…the return shipping is free. They stay in touch after the sale on an infrequent basis so that you remember them but are not annoyed.

Your business may or may not be an on-line one, but the lessons here are applicable to any business no matter what you sell or to whom you sell it. Put the customer first and let them know that you truly care about them and their experience in dealing with you.

Many businesses believe that customer intimacy begins once the customer makes a purchase and the delivery process begins. That simply is not the case.

Customer intimacy begins with the marketing effort to find those prospects that are best suited to utilize your product or service. The prospect will generate an early “good” or “cautious” attitude about the company very early on in the relationship. Once in the sales cycle, the level of intimacy should increase as the prospect moves from a prospect to a customer relationship.

This is sometimes a dangerous point in the intimacy process because the sales person may have set unreasonable expectations with the customer. Once the sale has been made, it is up to the delivery and support organization to meet the expectations set and also to keep the client happy, satisfied and engaged. Therefore the customer service organization needs to be aligned with and coached in the process of keeping the customer for life. It takes ten times as much effort to win a new customer as it does to sell a satisfied customer something else or to renew.

Customer intimacy is the responsibility of everyone who communicates with the client from the reception desk to the delivery specialist. Often the customer relationship grows warmer once in the hands of a caring and involved delivery and support organization, but it all starts when the prospect begins the buying journey.

If you can master the three key elements of 1.) Sales Force Optimization 2.) Marketing Alignment and 3.) Customer Intimacy, you will be well on your way to “maximizing sales revenue”. 

I love helping business grow their revenue. If you would like to discuss ways to “maximize your sales revenue” simply send me a comment below or contact me and I will be happy to spend some time talking with you and trying to assist you in any way that I can.



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