Selling is a Snap – A Tribute to Jill Konrath

If you are like me, you are always looking for advice and resources to draw on in order to learn and stay current.   I have read most of the great sales books. I constantly scour the web looking for new information and thought leaders to follow.

Several years ago I started seeing the name Jill Konrath pop up in sales advice sites and columns on the web as well sales journals and magazines. I had not heard of her, so I took a casual look and found that she was a sales consultant based in Minnesota and had a company called “Leapfrog Strategies”. She had also published a “terrific” book entitled “Selling to Big Companies”.

I read the book and found some interesting approaches and insights into a world I was very familiar with; “how to get meetings with people who did not want to meet you at all”. I tried some of the strategies and they worked so I was more impressed. I kept a casual eye on her progress.

When “LinkedIn” started to become a required resource for professionals, I found all kinds of discussions peppered with comments from Jill. She always seemed to have “very thoughtful” ideas to contribute. Her emails to subscribers at her site were always well written and thought provoking, and written like she was talking directly to me.

Over the years I have seen her explode onto the scene as one of the leading sales consultants working today. Her latest (great) book “Snap Selling” has taken her to new heights in the industry. Additionally, today in addition to her training and speaking and writing efforts, she serves as an advisor to the Aberdeen Group and Landslide Technologies. If you follow her on Twitter (@jillkonrath)you will know that she offers commentary and guidance daily (sometimes hourly).

So…why am I going on and on about Jill?

Because I believe that by following and listening to her, you can learn a lot about selling, marketing, connecting with busy people, getting in doors and lots lots more.

And here’s some icing on the Konrath cake. She is very approachable. She answers her emails quickly and is always positioned to try and assist you in any way she can. Like many of today’s ultra successful thought leaders, she gives much much more than she gets.

Tom Peters believes women look at relationships with more depth and complexity than men do. Jill Konrath is the personification of this ethic. She’s a Founding Mother of Awesome Women, a nonprofit focused on creating a world in which “every woman’s voice makes a difference.

So…. If you are looking for advice and resources to draw on in order to learn and stay current, you would do well to follow Jill on her website ( on Twitter (@jillkonrath) and by all means pick up and read any of her books. It will be time well spent.

You will find her enlightening, engaging and endearing.

Thoughtfully yours



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