The Sales Increase Analysis Test


The following test is an extension of one I originally published in Personal Selling Power Magazine entitled “How to Raise Sales Productivity”.

The test provides a method for you, as the business person, to test your sales and marketing processes for value.

Sales increases come from enhancing the sales side of the organization and/or improving your marketing programs.

You may wish to print this out to complete it.

Please answer all the questions quickly and honestly.

The scoring mechanism at the end tells you where to direct your resources to gain a sales productivity increase.

  1. Do our salespeople have more sales leads than they are able to handle?       Yes (  )  No (  )
  2. Does our sales organization utilize both direct and indirect representatives (i.e. Manufacturer’s reps, ISO’s Distribution reps, etc.)?      Yes (  )  No (  )
  3. Have we implemented a specific sales process (steps) and do our salespeople  understand and utilize it?             Yes (  )  No (  )
  4. Do our salespeople have the proper sales presentation tools and know how to use them?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  5. Do we  have a formal sales training program in place to develop product and industry knowledge as well as selling skills?     Yes (  )  No (  )
  6. Do our sales people know how they are being measured in areas other than revenue?    Yes (  )  No (  )
  7. Is our Sales Manager conducting regular in-field coaching sessions on an individual basis with the sales people? Yes (  )  No (  )
  8. Does our Sales Manager have a formal plan in place to develop our sales people’s skills?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  9. Is our sales compensation plan designed to promote the proper product mix and does it reward high performance and penalize low performance?    Yes (  )  No (  )
  10. Does our Company have a formal performance improvement program in place to prescribe help needed and to set minimum requirements and expectations for acceptable levels of performance?    Yes (  )  No (  )
  11. Do we regularly communicate product and industry update information to our sales people?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  12. Do we have a formal program in place for reporting sales activity?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  13. Are our sales people providing regular product and industry feedback on a formal (written) basis?                       Yes (  )  No (  )
  14. Are our sales people reporting on sales which we lost and telling us why?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  15. Do our sales people have a program in place to contact accounts that should be buying, but are not?                  Yes (  )  No (  )
  16. Do we (the Company) and they know who these accounts are?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  17. Are we convinced that our product is being represented in the best possible manner by our sales people?       Yes (  )  No (  )
  18. Are our sales people complaining about geographic or territorial issues?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  19. Do we believe our sales organization is making the best use of it’s time?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  20. Is our sales organization using computers and contact management software?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  21. Are we receiving negative feedback about the product not meeting the markets needs?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  22. Are we experiencing significant price objections?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  23. Are we experiencing customer satisfaction complaints?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  24. Are we experiencing significant competitive pressure?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  25. Do we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  26. Do we have any market research or surveys results about our market and the customer needs?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  27. Do we have reliable competitive information and do we have answers for competitive objections? Yes (  )  No (  )
  28. Do we know if our product is meeting the needs of our customers?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  29. Are we selling into every market where our product fits, if it makes sense to sell there?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  30. Do we understand our market “position”?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  31. Do we have a formal (written) marketing plan developed and have we implemented it?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  32. Does our marketing plan address “all” of the following strategies?   (Product Strategies, Market Strategies, Selling Strategies, Distribution Strategies, Service and Support Strategies)  Yes (  )  No (  )
  33. Does our marketing plan provide a creative platform that has continuity of the marketing message?                    Yes (  )  No (  )
  34. Does our marketing plan provide the direction for the communications strategies (i.e.  Advertising, PR, Social Media, etc.)?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  35. Does our marketing plan provide for a specific budgeted amount of money to be spent on marketing activities? Yes (  )  No (  )
  36. Do we base our marketing activities on outcomes (ROI) rather than functions (ads, PR, etc) ?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  37. Do our advertising messages have a “call to action” (i.e. encourages the prospect to make an inquiry)?               Yes (  )  No (  )
  38. Have we selected a specific communications strategy?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  39. Does our present marketing strategy include at least three of the following programs?   (Web Based Social Media, Company Web Page, Webinars and Seminars, Space Advertising, Publicity, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, Event Marketing, Trade Shows)     Yes (  )  No (  )
  40. Do we have metrics in place and are we measuring the results of our communications vehicles and calculating return on investment?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  41. Do we have an effective “lead generation and closed loop lead management system” in place?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  42. Is the Sales Organization complaining about the quality of the leads we generate?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  43. Is our Sales Organization aware of the marketing strategies and is it involved in the decision making process about lead generation?   Yes (  )  No (  )
  44. Do our marketing people make occasional joint sales calls with the field sales organization?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  45. Is there agreement between marketing and sales about what constitutes a viable “lead”?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  46. Have we considered using or are we using any form of database marketing programs?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  47. Do we review our marketing plan every twelve months or less?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  48. Have we had an “marketing analysis” completed within the last twenty four months?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  49. Do we use an advertising or marketing specialty company to provide creative direction and to assist us in developing our marketing plans and programs?  Yes (  )  No (  )
  50. Have we had a Sales and Marketing Specialist conduct an audit or evaluation of our sales and/or marketing organization and processes within the last twenty four months?   Yes (  )  No (  )

 Scoring Mechanism:

  1. Count the number of “No” responses in questions 1-25 and enter that number here. (      )
  2. Count the number of “No” responses in questions 26-50 and enter that number here. (     )
  3. Add the amounts in “a” and “b” and enter that number here. (    )

Which group has the larger number? a. (  ) or b. ( )

If “a” had the larger number of “No” answers, you probably need to look at the sales side of the business to increase sales.

If “b” had the larger number of “No” answers, you probably need to look at the marketing side of the business to increase sales.

  1. Look at Question # 1 again. If you answered “Yes” this may be another indication that you probably need to look at the sales side of the business to increase sales.
  2. Look at Question # 50 again. If you answered “No” and if the total number of “No” answers (totaled in “3” above) exceeds 20, you may want to consider seeking some     additional outside assistance in helping you determine where and how to increase your      sales.

If you have questions, need additional assistance, or simply want to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


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