When the CEO Can’t Do It All

Are you interested in “maximizing your sales revenue”?

Ultimately, the CEO always has responsibility for making certain that sales revenue is at its’ maximum level.

In very large organizations the day to day sales revenue responsibilities are often handled by a Sales and Marketing Manager and in some cases there are separate managers responsible for sales, marketing, business development and customer satisfaction.

In smaller flatter organizations the CEO or owner may be managing all these departments in addition to running the business day to day. Often they don’t feel there is enough work for a full time manager and many times delaying hiring a manger is simply a financial decision. In this situation, the owner often counts on his employees to mange themselves day to day and relies on activity reports or hallway conversations to learn what is going on. This condition lends itself perfectly to the concept of having a Virtual Revenue Officer (VRO).

The VRO is a (often outsourced) “part time” professional resource that can relieve the owner of direct responsibility for maximizing sales so that he or she can concentrate on running the business operation without investing in a full time executive position. Often this is an interim step that allows a company to build a revenue stream to the point where it makes sense to hire a professional manager.

The VRO can be utilized to simply manage the sales force, or can also assist with management of the marketing process, business development and/or customer service. The VRO, assisted with information technology tools and many elements of the new social media, should also be capable of “aligning” the sales, marketing and customer service organizations so that they are all focused on building the business and maximizing sales revenue.

If you don’t have a sales and/or marketing manager, you can make a preliminary judgment about whether a Virtual Revenue Officer might be of value by answering the following questions. If you answer yes to any of the questions, you may want to consider the concept of a VRO.

  • Has your revenue growth slowed over the last year or more?
  • Do you feel that your sales force is not optimized?
  • Are you losing sales opportunities you should be winning?
  • Is the time you spend managing the sales team keeping you from other more important management duties?
  • Is your sales and marketing effort aligned to the company’s objectives?
  • Do you know what your (marketing) costs are per lead generated and converted?
  • Are your customers showing signs of dissatisfaction?
  • Are you able to provide training and coaching to your customer facing personnel?
  • Could you use some part-time sales and marketing management assistance?

The VRO can provide management assistance for a fraction of the cost of a full time senior manager.  The table below lists some of the services the VRO should be able to provide. 

Sales         Marketing         Customer Service
Process Management         Market Assessment         Customer Experience
Skills Evaluation         Marketing Plan         Customer Svc Programs
Measurement         Brand Management         Customer Feedback
Acct Planning         Lead Management         Training/Coaching
Training/Coaching         Outsourced Services         Account Retention
Alignment         Alignment         Alignment

Again, if you are interested in “maximizing your sales revenue”, but have a limited budget you might look into the concept of a Virtual Revenue Officer.


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