Daily Sales Coaching “A Tribute to Paul Castain”

If you are a salesperson and want to continue to improve your skills, and you are not connected to Paul Castain’s “Sales Playbook”  http://yoursalesplaybook.com/  you are missing some great daily coaching and sales advice at no cost or effort to you.

When I started selling one hundred  years ago, the manager handed me the yellow pages and said “Here’s the book…Here’s the phone…Praise the Lord…You’re on your own”

There was no internet. If you wanted to learn the art and science of selling, you watched folks better than you. You read every book you could find. You attended seminars (usually at your own expense) put on by the great motivators.

 Sometimes if the company was large enough, they would bring in a speaker.  If you were lucky, your company would invest in the “Xerox Selling Skills Program” which had group sessions lasting a week or more and became the defacto standard in sales training.

Today, the internet and social media provide many new avenues for skills development and often they are available at little or no charge.  You can find BLOGs, training DVD’s, webinars, etc. But very few of them provide a daily dose of exceptional sales coaching. And in my opinion, Paul’s Sales Playbook is one of the absolute best.

Paul decided four years ago that he felt indebted to the sales fraternity because in a way, they saved his life.  At one point in the nineties, he lost his job and eventually lost almost everything he owned because he could not find work. In 1995 he found a job in selling and after much hard work, he became very good and in time was able to bring himself and his family back from those dark days. He also found he was well suited to the sales process and loved the freedom and the earnings potential it provided.

Four years ago he wanted to find a way to give something back to the fraternity that had given so much to him and he felt the best way to do that might be to help other folks improve their selling skills. So he created the Sales Playbook web site and started blogging every day.  

As time went on, his community of followers continued to grow. He started using LinkedIn and joined groups and would provide commentary and feedback to discussions and answer questions. Eventually, after getting a little frustrated with some of groups he was following, he started his own “Sales Playbook“  group  http://linkd.in/fv057e  and today it is one of the largest groups on LinkedIn. He also has a fan page on Facebook and is very active on Twitter.

I could go on about his background, but to me that is just the surface stuff. What continues to amaze me is his constant and consistent ability to provide fresh coaching on a daily basis. He has one of the most thoughtful and fertile minds I have ever witnessed. His writing is clear, often humorous and usually makes you feel like you are having a one to one conversation with a (good) sales manager.

More intriguingly (to me at least) is that he is providing all of this without any interest in monetizing it in any way. And, he does it all while working a full time job. Sure he does some public speaking and many of us have been encouraging him to publish a book (most of which is already written in several hundred BLOG pages he has generated). But for the most part, he simply wants to give back to the fraternity of selling. I think if you looked up “altruistic” in an encyclopedia, his picture would be there.

At this point it should be clear that I like and appreciate the guy very much.

And I say again, if you could use some daily coaching and a five minute motivational push from a guy who knows a lot about selling, you cannot find a better resource than Paul Castain’s Sales Playbook.

But, don’t take my word for it.  I encourage you to join him today and decide for yourself. 

Good Selling!!


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