A Man (Still) In Search of Excellence…A Tribute to Tom Peters

There are any number of consultants, gurus and experts out there who can provide advice, guidance and perspective to business management. Some of the guidance is good, some is bad and some is great. I place Tom Peters in the “great” category.

I first met Tom at a Computerland conference in Montreal in the mid-eighties. I remember asking him how to handle the situation where my large corporate accounts were not willing to pay a little extra for products with my value add. I felt they were picking my brain and then buying (on price) elsewhere. As I stood there expecting a brilliant strategic idea, Tom said….”I don’t blame them !!”  He went to explain that I was actually creating my own problem because I did not know how to properly position the value I was bringing. 

It took me some time to internalize his response, but he did what the great advisors do. He told me the unvarnished truth about my situation and left me to work my way through the new reality he provided.

In time I got over the shock and came to respect him highly. I became a disciple from that time forward. I have read every book he has written. When he started Blogging a few years ago (http://www.tompeters.com) I was excited that he was willing to share his insights almost daily at no charge. Additionally he makes all of his presentations (slide sets) available to his visitors although you have to follow his writings to understand the depth and meaning of the slides.

A few months ago he started using Twitter (@Tom_Peters) and now is recognized as one of the premier business Twitter users.  He continues to dole out advice and commentary. He is sometime outrageous but always honest and sincere. He also does not suffer fools gladly….

His latest book “The Little Big Things” is a compilation of year’s worth of research and thought and a good read. It should be required reading for business admin majors at every college in the world.

The Financial Times recently wrote comparing business consultants

(Business Gurus)….would do well to follow the example of Tom Peters, who wrote In Search of Excellence in 1982 but has never stopped reinventing himself and developing new material, becoming a blogger and Tweeter at an age when many gurus would rather retire to their herbaceous borders. Peters is on Olympus.

I believe anyone in business can benefit from Tom’s expertise and point of view and

I suggest you pay his site a visit and better yet find a way to attend one of his presentations. He is one of the “great” ones…..


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